Speaking Competition

The Limassol Toastmasters Interschool Public Speaking Competition was hosted at our school on 4-5 February.

The participating schools were as follows: American International School, Aspire Private British School, GC School of Careers, Grammar School Limassol, Grammar School of Nicosia, Junior & Senior School Nicosia, King Richard’s School and of course the Heritage Private School.

The categories of Persuasive, Humorous and Inspirational speeches intrigued, entertained and motivated the audience who were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Each participant put on their best performance and ironically left the Toastmaster judges…speechless!

We are very proud of all 6 of our students who participated: Irene Floridou (Persuasive Category), Jaafar Hameed (1st place winner of Humorous 13-14 category), Janhavi Bhonge (1st place winner of Inspirational 13-14 category), Anas Takrouri (2nd place winner of Persuasive 15-16 category), Nikolas Wekenborg (Humorous 15-16 category) and Sofi Martin (Inspirational 15-16 category).

The event was a great success and our participants should be congratulated for their hard work, confidence and commitment to the competition!