1. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before the start of each examination. If you are late, you might not be granted the full time and your work might not be accepted. If you arrive after the examination is completed, you will be recorded as absent for that paper. Full correct school uniform (PE kit is not acceptable) must be worn for all examinations.

2. You must provide all equipment that you need e.g. pens, pencils and rulers.

3. Correcting fluid/correcting pens must not be used.

4. You may take into the examination room only the materials and equipment which are allowed.

5. You must not take into the examination room any unauthorised materials or equipment which might give you an unfair advantage, such as notes; calculator cases; instruction leaflets; bags; personal stereos; electronic devices (including mobile phones and ‘smart’ watches). Any pencil cases taken into the room must be transparent.

6. Possession of a mobile phone or other unauthorised material is breaking the rules, even if you do not intend to use it, and you will be subject to penalty and possible disqualification.

7. You must stay until the end of the examination. You must not leave the room unless the Invigilator instructs you to do so. You must not take from the examination room any examination stationery, used or unused, rough work or any other materials provided for the examination.

8. You must not talk to or otherwise communicate with or disturb other students once the examination has started. If you require assistance you should put up your hand to attract the Invigilator’s attention.

9. You may not borrow anything from another student during the examination.

10. All cases of malpractice will result in suspension and a zero mark placed in your report for the examination result.