1. Family completes Online Admissions Application  
  1. Admissions will contact family to book Academic Assessment at School
  1. Academic Assessment
    1. Early Years School (Pre-Nursery-Reception): Student and Family Interview
    1. Lower Primary School (Years 1-3): Entrance Examinations in English and Mathematics and Interview
    1. Upper Primary (Years 4-6): Entrance Examinations in English and Mathematics 
    1. Secondary School (Years 7-11): Entrance Examinations in English and Mathematics
    1. Secondary School (Years 12-13): IGCSE qualifications and Student Interview
  1. A further Student and Family Interview may be requested for Years 4 to 11 
  1. Admissions will contact family with the final decision on admissions

Enrolment Procedure (upon acceptance of place)

  1. Family submits Application Form with all supporting documents within 7 days
  1. Application will be processed by the School
  1. A payment of registration and deposit fees should be made to secure place
  1. Student Subject Options are finalised and submitted
  1. Books and Uniform are purchased and IT set up is completed 
  1. Student is ready to commence school