Creativity is the highest way a brain functions and Drama at the Heritage is a thriving community that enhances and develops such skills. Aside from Keystage 3, GCSE and A Level Drama, there are many other Drama opportunities that are non-academic at our school.

The School Shows

Every year there is a Primary school show in December and a Secondary school show in February / March. These shows are a fundamental way to teach a student about responsibility, reliability, team work, creativity and discipline. Above all they are so much fun! Students always tear up on the last night as they have spent so long in their 'school production families' that it is hard to see it end.  Naturally, key skills in singing, dancing and acting are also developed and this training is taught by experts to students. The training is invaluable and aids the student into becoming a triple threat on stage. Confidence levels grow as well and this is because there is no greater nourishment than a creative environment. We have put on many school shows and to an excellent level earning a name for ourselves among the community. To be part of a school show, students must audition in September and then get selected and cast in their roles. Whether they get a main part or are part of the ensemble, the experience is equally beneficial and all are equally important in our shows.

Trinity Drama Exams

 We offer Trinity Drama Exams to Primary and Secondary students who wish to receive a grade in Drama that follows a visit from a Visiting Examiner in June. These grades are similar to the graded exams for musical instruments and dance grades and from grade 6, UCAS points are also received for getting a Distinction. The student has one to one lessons with a drama teacher throughout the year, once a week. During this time, monologues are learned and key skills such as improvisation and discussion are developed. To enter for Trinity lessons and exams, students make the request on the club list at the start of September. They will then receive a call from a drama teacher and a mutually convenient time will be arranged.