“Academic progress, personal and social development, and good self-discipline are all key aspects of our ethos, so that all students can develop into happy, self-confident young people and reach their full potential as responsible members of an increasingly international society. The Heritage Private School is definitely a very special place to be.”

The Heritage Private School is a caring, friendly yet disciplined community, which strives to enrich and develop the full potential of every individual.

In class, students are encouraged to examine the standards and values of society, and develop a personal credo and the ethical principles to guide them throughout their lives. “One of the key principles that underpin The Heritage Private School is that of responsibility, ” says Mrs Zoe Kouris, Director, “we expect students to be accountable for themselves and for the well-being of others in the community.”

The School seeks to nurture in its students the desire to learn, and the ability to study in an atmosphere that is friendly, but orderly and firm, an environment where relationships between students and teachers are based on mutual trust and respect. The School has established a code of conduct that encourages all staff and students to go about their daily work knowing the standards which are expected of them and the procedures that are in place to ensure fair treatment for all. Good behaviour is mainly encouraged through a system of rewards and commendations. With the support, cooperation and understanding of the family in upholding the expected standards of behaviour, the School has created a warm, united community of content, courteous, and successful young people.