Cambridge English Assessment Examinations

Primary School Students from Years 1 - 6 have the opportunity to prepare for and sit Cambridge English Assessment Examinations. The levels are designed so that students who are learning English as a second language can be prepared to take higher level Cambridge English examinations in the future. The Cambridge English examinations are globally recognised by over 25,000 universities, employers and governments, and can open doors to higher education, improve employment opportunities and increase choices for study or work.

Date and location of the examinations:

The examinations take place during the last two weeks of June and are held at the Heritage Private School, which is a Bronze Preparation Centre.

Examination Levels:

Depending on the Year Group of the student, there are specific recommendations regarding the level of examination that should be taken. The levels are as follows:

Starters Exam (Year 1-2)
Movers Exam (Year 3)
Flyers Exam (Year 4-5)
KET Exam (Year 6)

For further information, please contact Mr Petros Petrou