In terms of social responsibility, students are encouraged to take part in community activities that help both the local and wider communities. As such, the School is an enthusiastic supporter of many social events and charity programmes. Our communal involvement not only allows us to serve the public but also enables us to inspire our students to care for their fellow citizens, offer support to the less privileged and learn that education is not only about gaining academic knowledge leading to exams. Indeed, instilling social responsibility is a key aspect of our School’s ethos.

Both the Primary and Secondary School have a Volunteering scheme. In the Secondary School each year group is responsible for a specific charity event. Here are some examples:  

  • The Theotokos Foundation for physically and mentally handicapped children
  • The Red Cross
  • The Association of Cancer Patients and Friends/ Anti-Cancer Society
  • Tree planting with Palodia Municipality
  • Actionaid
  • Voluntary service in old people’s homes and the Limassol Hospital