International Session of the European Youth Parliament

Congratulation to our student Eleni Smith, who was selected to represent Cyprus in the recent International Session of the European Youth Parliament, held in Serbia last week. She described her experience as:

My week in Serbia was an experience I will never forget. Originally, I was very intimidated about being in a room with over 200 people my age, all working to try to come up with solutions to the pressing issues present in our everyday lives. However, as the week went on I grew to enjoy my time immensely. As part of a group of 10 students from all over Europe, my committee and I had to form a resolution on how we could prevent democratic backsliding. After 5 days of hard work and planning, I am glad to say that our resolution passed. Not only was I happy about my committee’s success, but I understood that my voice and input as a young European has a huge impact. I am grateful to be able to say that I represented not only my school but also Cyprus as a delegate at the 95th international session of the European Youth Parliament.