European Youth Parliament

On Saturday 19 March, a delegation of three students participated in the annual Pre-Selection Days of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) Cyprus. Students had been trained for the General Assembly by enhancing their debating skills, researching a diverse number of global issues and refining their written skills by drafting resolutions and parliamentary-style speeches. EYP sessions encourage students to think independently, and give them the opportunity to broaden their cultural experiences. This year, our students represented the PECH committee (European Parliament’s Committee on Fisheries), but also debated on other current affairs topics like Breaking Through the Glass Ceiling, Negotiating Parental Leave, Ethics in Space Exploration and The Role of Minority Languages. 

In the words of our delegates:

“This weekend we had the wonderful opportunity to participate in EYP. The day was filled with interesting debates on resolutions about ongoing issues we are facing in today’s world. We were able to improve our critical thinking skills and even make new friends. It was such an informative day!” (Youmna, Yasmin & Ben)