Environmental Studies Trip

On Friday, 3 February, Year 6 students had a trip to the Akrotiri Environmental Studies Centre in order to learn about the environmental and cultural importance of Akrotiri Peninsula.

The students watched a film about the habitats, flora and fauna, listened to a talk, sat around a 3D moving map, then completed a quiz using i-pads to explore the exhibits and displays in the centre. They then put on their welly boots and headed off out into the field to the Akrotiri wetlands to collect samples – closely observed by the local cows!

The students measured the water’s temperature, PH levels, turbidity and the presence of  phosphates and nitrates. They then waded with nets and collected samples to take back to the lab.

Back at the laboratory, the students dressed in white coats, pulled on rubber gloves and used microscopes to investigate what they had found.

One last treat: they went onto the observation deck and used powerful telescopes to look at a flock of flamingos on the salt lake.

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