Russian Excursion

The Russian Department organised an excursion for Years 7-8 Russian students around our School, as part of the Russian Creative Writing programme. This excursion became much more than just collecting information about our School. The students had a good opportunity to get to know more about the School premises and facilities, while finding out how and why the Heritage is an Eco school.

Children were amazed by the amount of work done behind the scenes and each student realised that helping the whole eco system to function successfully was extremely important. We thanked Mr Marios Kouris and his team who showed to the students the advanced technology utilised in reusing water on the Heritage Campus, which irrigates a vast area of greenery, and operates on solar batteries.

Here are some students’ thoughts after the excursion:

“Save water!” “Every drop counts, especially in Cyprus!” “Save energy!” “Use green energy!” “Use recycled materials!” “Recycle!” “Be a responsible Earthling!”

After the Eco excursion Years 7-8 Russian students will work on the essay titled “My Eco School enters the future”.