Mathematics Competitions

During the 2020/21 Academic Year, our students took part in National Competitions of Mathematical Society, the Olympiad and Thales Kangaroo, as well as the UK Mathematical Trust Challenges and the British Olympiad.

We would like to formally congratulate Dikaia Tzamalouka for her progression in the Mathematical Society Competition. After attending the Regional and National Competitions, she was invited to attend the follow-on Selection Competitions which are her ticket to international challenges. These competitions require deep mathematical understanding of geometry, number theory and algebra. Her independent research and work are truly commendable. All the best Dikaia!!

Our students’ biggest accomplishments in Mathematical competitions are:

UKMT Senior Challenge
Zhixian Xu: Gold
Yanzhi Chen: Gold
Marcin Dobak: Silver

UKMT Intermediate Challenge
Svetlana Ignashova: Gold
Jiahao Mei: Silver
Liuyu Shi: Bronze

UKMT Junior Challenge
Elizaveta Marnitsyna: Gold
Luka Marnitsyn: Gold
Melina Hadjicosti: Gold
Leonid Solovyev: Silver
Eden Breiter: Bronze
Krishna Anoop: Bronze

Thales Kangaroo
Elizaveta Mikhaylova: Gold
Ekaterina Mikhaylova: Bronze