Heritage Awarded Green Flags

Eco schools

On Tuesday 12 June, our school was awarded for successfully participating in the ‘Eco Schools’ program for the past three years. We received certificates together with three green flags, one for each department. The awards ceremony was organised by CYMEPA, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Hellenic Bank. The Commissioner of the Environment of the Republic of Cyprus, Ms Ioanna Panagiotou, was also present at the event. We are very proud of this achievement and we would like to congratulate all of our students and teachers for working so hard in building their environmental awareness for a sustainable future.

Please see relevant article about the event: http://www.philenews.com/oikonomia/epicheiriseis/article/539656/i-elliniki-trapeza-synechizei-ti-stirixi-pros-ta-oikologka-scholeia152

Eco Award