CHICAGO dazzles

With huge success, our School gave three stunning, razzle dazzle performances of the musical Chicago (High School Edition) on 20-22 February. The exceedingly talented student cast, together with a remarkable live band and dazzling stage and props, highly impressed the audience and took them back to the Prohibition era of 1920s Chicago, at a time when high profile criminal cases and trials took place and Jazz music was all the rage. The songs were sung brilliantly, the flapper dresses looked incredible and the spot-on dance choreography astounded the audience members, many of whom appeared dressed in 1920s style clothes, making their experience more immersive and enjoyable. Indeed, the direct contact between the actors and the audience created intimacy throughout the show and made the audience feel as though they were part of the burlesque, melodramatic action.

Observing Roxie Hart and Verma Kelly plotting their way out of being convicted for murder, with the help of Chicago’s best spin doctor Billy Flynn was highly entertaining. The two girls’ profuse desire for maintaining their stardom, rather than reforming, highlighted their selfishness, lack of remorse and morals. Although a hundred years old, the themes of fake news, corruption, greed, violence, exploitation and treachery are still very much contemporary, reminding the audience that some things can never change, no matter how many years pass. The School feels extremely proud of yet another successful musical production and would like to thank everybody who supported the show with their presence, enthusiasm and positive feedback.