CGS MUN Conference in Athens

A Heritage delegation of 9 students from Years 10-13 attended the 12th Costeas-Geitonas Model United Nations Conference this year, between 7-10 December, accompanied by MUN Advisors Ms Natalie and Ms Irene. The conference, was truly international, hosting 680 delegates from 33 schools around the world.

The students had to research their allocated countries (Syria and Bolivia) thoroughly prior to departure, and as well as draft resolutions and policy statements in advance. Upon arrival, students debated by deconstructing the concept of populism, and found allies with whom they submitted final resolutions on how to battle unrest within global and local communities. Our delegation performed exceptionally throughout the conference, giving speeches before large assemblies and making constructive points to produce resolutions that could address the what, where, when, why, who and how as best as possible! Besides this, they also got some less formal awards, with our very own Dimitri obtaining the title of ‘Best Dressed Delegate’, and Afek being honoured with the title of ‘Most Handsome Delegate’!

Day 1 was spent familiarising ourselves with Athens, visiting both renowned sites of cultural heritage but also unknown wonders of the city. Days 2-4 revolved around the conference, though we also dedicated our evenings to cultural excursions and team-building activities.

Our students modelled by example, being excellent ambassadors of peace both in and out of the conference, displaying good citizenship at every opportunity. They supported each other (and us!)throughout, making it a truly memorable trip that has made a mark on their lives and others’!