Buckle-Up Campaign

On Friday 21 February, The Buckle-Up Campaign was finally launched. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness of Road and Car Safety, but particularly the use of appropriate child safety seats and seat belts.

Officer Lucy Charalambous from the SBA Police Force, our very own Estelle Gaskell and myself, spent the day visiting all students in the Early Years, Lower and Upper Primary School buildings, reinforcing the message that wearing seat belts can save lives!

During each visit, our students had an informative presentation and were also introduced to the campaign’s friendly mascot, Billy Buckle. They were all invited to participate in an exciting poster design competition, where the winning design from each building will be used for the School’s official campaign posters!

A new catchy slogan ‘Click, Click, Buckle up Quick!’ was also chanted by both the students and staff, making the whole experience both fun and educational.

Billy Buckle has since been seen walking around our school premises rewarding everybody who is safely and correctly buckled up and will continue to do so in the future too.

The Buckle-Up Campaign has helped our young generation be more aware of how important wearing a seat belt is in our lives, ensuring that our Heritage family is always travelling safely!

I would like to say a big thank you for the support and enthusiasm everybody has shown throughout the campaign. Together we can do

Dora Alexandrou
Teaching Assistant

The Buckle Up Campaign Poster Competition Runners up are:

Lea Tabet Rezaie
Mila Smiljkovic
Mia Tugendreich

Year 1
Anastasia Frunzetti
Mariia Fedorova
Ido Batsrauy

Year 2
Emma Sapir
Alesia Malodchyna
Pragun Jot Bali
Maria Deelen

Year 3
Ivan Kolomeets
Manya Goyal
Eleftheria Tyranou
Jan Werszner-Wolny
Vladimir Malodchyn

Year 4
Amelia Corsoni
Alexandros Hadjicosti
Olivia Forbes

Year 5
Platon Vasilyev
Kashvi Rastogi
Paul Christodoulou
Maria Akritidoy
Camilla Ragulin


Early Years
Aleksey Alekseenko (Rec. B)

Primary School
Georgios Asprogenis (Y2B)

Technology Building
Elia Chrysanthou (Y5C)