‘As You Wish’ wows audiences

The definition of a successful musical is one that is a great book and has wonderful music in it, both traits that ‘As You Wish’ definitely has. The story line is a classic tale with characters and plot lines that move the audience and compel us to keep watching. The way that the actors portrayed their parts was exceptional; there was excellent comic timing, eloquent delivery, impressive physical skills through the use of freeze frames, slow motion, sword fights and the many different ways one can ‘travel’ on stage (including some rather elegant horse riding). There were such humorous moments, followed by some heart wrenching ones. The pace galloped almost as quickly as the horse riding and made us feel that the 2 hours and 25 minutes of the show were almost too fleeting in time. As for the music? Well, there wasn’t one person who didn’t comment on how the songs were stuck in their heads for days and weeks after the show. Everyone had at least one favourite and more often than not, two!

But what actually made this show so marvellous was the magic that everyone added to it. All the elements unified with synergy and made this show resonate with all. From the backstage crew’s super smooth set changes to the luscious lighting and well balanced sound, from the elaborate and simultaneously simple set design and the artistic, energetic and highly professional acting and instrument playing, from the quirky costumes and equally unique makeup (who could ever forget the Albino) and masks (the Rat!) and hair styles. This production had team spirit driving it forward from the beginning. I can honestly say it was a true work of art as everyone involved gave their superb skills, their time and their love to this show. And it really showed. Thank you to all who helped, all who performed and all who came. It truly ended up being ‘as (Hovig and I) wished’ it to be.

Alexandra Kouris – Director